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Clean-Tech Technology

Our innovative system is now available

With our Clean Tech technology metal and minerals industries can now exploit fine metal wastes, eliminating all the issues related with their disposal. Toxic waste like stainless steel EAF dusts can be transformed into ferroalloy ingots. No toxic wastes are produced during the smelting process: the slag is an inert material suitable to be used as by-product in the rock wool or cement production, the bag-house dust has an high concentration of ZnO and can be sold to Zn refineries.

The Clean Tech process do not release any pollutant. The heart  of the technology is represented by an AC Furnace and two technological innovations that enable the direct melting of inorganic dusts: the Digital Impedance Regulator (DIR), that controls the furnace electric power absorption   and the Thermodinamic Model (TM), that calculates the reagents recipe to be  added to the dust in order to maximize the metal recovery.


Technological software

Our PLC controls the production process an more specifically the DIR and TM functions.

It constantly regulates the optimal furnace energy absorption and the position of the electric arc and the 3 electrodes depending on the growth or decrease in the level of the molten bath.

The AIT PLC is strong, reliable and easy to use.

The Clean-Tech PLC
The Clean-Tech Process Flow


on the surface




Dust Oxides,

Metal Fines

3 Electrodes

PLC Regulator





4% MAX

Permissible Humidity

Off Gases

Bag-house Filter

Technical Specifications
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The Clean-Tech Benefits


Our innovative industrial process has the ability to directly smelting inorganic dusts, avoiding pre-agglomeration, through an open arc furnace control system, which is managed directly by the Digital Impedance Regulator (DIR). During this process, the software automatically calculates the mixture of reagents to be mixed with the powders, prior to merging. The reagents used are: lime, silicon sand and carbon coke. These reagents are introduced into the mixture through a safety slide, positioned between the three vertical electrode of the oven, falling directly into the "arc-zone". The blend of the resulting mixture generates gas that is immediately sucked into the off-gas conduit and filtered in bag-house filters.

In other words, our ovens operate under the extreme conditions called "hot-top", eliminating full blow backs. In addition, the levels of secondary powder formation, resulting from our production process, are lower than expected, due to the "plug-flow" and "cross-flow" furnace feed mode.


Clean-Tech EAF industrial applications:

The Steel industry

The Stainless steel industry
The Ferro-alloy industry
Ferro-vanadium, Ferro-titanium, Ferro-molybdenum, and Ferro-tungsten
The Aluminum industry

The Copper industry
The Tin industry
The Lead and Zinc industry
The Platinum industry
The Gold and Silver industry
The Catalyst industry
The Electronic waste (e-waste) industry
The Rare-earth industry
The Tailings dam and Slag dump recycling industry
The Petroleum industry