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AIT Europa Engineering is a company specializing in the production of high efficiency technological systems for the recovery and treatment of mining and metal production waste streams by converting a potentially hazardous material into a by-product and an eco-inert slag. The study and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of industrial metabolism make AIT Europa Engineering a worldwide reference for the metallurgical industry. Mines and metallurgical industries, in fact, generate large amounts of waste, in a variety of shapes, such as powders, sludge, slag, etc., whose recovery, treatment or disposal is difficult and costly. AIT Europa Engineering's Clean-Tech technology applied to electric arc furnaces is capable of transforming a large number of production waste into a high added value raw material.

AIT Europa Engineering Mission

Mission & Vision


Resolve the environmental pollution problem caused by the steel dust (EAF Dust) and be recognized, over time, as the world's best available technology for the treatment and transformation of this highly dangerous waste into a reusable raw material for steel mills.



Design sustainable systems and production processes in the field of industrial metabolism, which create a circular economy and contribute to the growth of the Natural Capital.

AIT's Values

Passion, Commitment, Determination, Research, Technological Innovation, Excellence, Talent and Training; these are the assets of AIT Europa Engineering. AIT's success formula lies in the team and experience of each one of its members, ingredients that are blended in every area of activity: from the design to the production of new technologies, from the promotion to customer care.


We want to solve the problem of the recovery of powders and metal ends generated by mining and metallurgical enterprises, providing them with an innovative technology


Innovation is part of AIT DNA. Innovate is to transfer the company's vision into products, processes and working methods