AIT Metal

Our History

Human Genius

José Almeida is the inventor of the Clean Tech technology  and AIT (Applied Industrial Technologies) founder, a company based in Johannesburg - South Africa, specialized in the study, design and production of furnaces for the treatment of mining and metal industries wastes. After a long phase of study and design, a prototype, AVANT1.0, was tested in the ENEXAL research project promoted by the European Community and carried out in Greece from 2010 to 2014 at ALSA - Aluminium of Greece. AVANT 1.0 has retrieved in the form of ingots 100% of the metals present in the red mud derived from the bauxite reduction process. In the same period, AIT studies evolution of technology and creates AVANT3.5, the EAF Dusts Industrial Recycling Process (EAF Dusts). The system is adopted by RST for the recycling of Columbus Steel EAF Dusts in Middelburg, South Africa.


In 2017, AIT merges with Synergie Group, transferring its know-how to the new Italian company AIT Europa Engineering. Today, research, development and production of technology is carried out in the new headquarters in Italy.

AIT Logo

"Quando il genio umano si fonde con la materia, allora nascono le idee più sorprendenti, che la plasmano in continuo divenire verso il possibile.

Non esiste nulla di precluso per il Genio Umano sulla Terra".

Jose Almeida