How do we Operate

The Steps to offer you the best solution

Informations request:

In order to achieve this, all that we require is for the client to supply us with as much information regarding their material, or materials, as is possible.

A comprehensive chemical analysis.

Estimate of monthly or annual arisings of the specific material.

Simulation program:

Economic assessment linked to prevailing LME prices for the metal(s) recovered.

Minimum MVA rating, hence size, of the furnace that will be best suited.


The quantities of reducing agent, such as locally sourced coke, and slag modifying agents, for example, silica sand or lime, that will be required per ton of material to be processed.

Installing Technology:

Come parte dell'ordine per qualsiasi dei nostri forni, la nostra azienda:

First check up on the suitability of the site in terms of:


Civils (concrete foundations, bunkers for raw materials, personnel areas, etc)
Mechanicals (overhead crane, feed hoppers, weightometers, conveyor belts, etc)
Electricals (grid power accessibility, lighting, etc).

Then propose/organize changes & additions wherever necessary.

Design, build and Install the furnace on-site together with all its ancillary equipment such as air compressor, water cooling pumps, gas extraction & reverse-pulse baghouse installation, etc.

Commission the furnace by training 3 or 4 work crews (1 crew per 8hr shift) over a period of 2 weeks in all aspects of the furnace and its ancillary process operations (eg furnace charge make-up).