AIT Europa Engineering Innovation


Creating the future

Innovation is part of AIT DNA. We transfer our business vision and work methods to industrial processes, designing sustainable production systems in the field of industrial metabolism, creating a circular economy and contributing to the growth of Natural Capital. The partnership with Synergie Group, a company engaged in the development and management of scrap metal recycling centers, has enabled us to strengthen and develop our mission.

AIT Europa Engineering Furnace planning


Our Philosphy

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business" - Henry Ford.

We feel responsible for the life of every living creature on the planet, and for this reason we have worked on an idea that today has become reality. Thanks to the creation of a new technology capable of recovering heavy metals from inorganic dusts, we transform a presently highly toxic and environmentally hazardous wastes  into a resource. 

AIT Europa Engineering R&D


Our R&D Center

Our technology was born whit the idea to reduce the environmental, social and helth impact of the mining and metal industry, so to improve everyone's life, and we constantly strive to perfect it. 

The R & D Center's technicians work unceasingly to research and implement innovative practices and state-of-the-art technologies capable of re-establishing a balance between endless production of goods with waste recovery, generating applications that create a circular economy.

AIT Europa Engineering Human Genius Innovation


Human Genius

For us at AIT, true innovation lies in the human mind. We believe, in fact, that the true innovator is the dreamer capable of creating something different for the benefit of all, driven by ideas that go beyond the comprehension.