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The environmental and health impact associated with the metallurgical production processes, as well as the problems related to the management and disposal costs of EAF Dust dust generated by steel mills, have pushed the AIT Europe Engineering team to contribute on finding and provide a solution. Clean-Tech technology is what AIT Europa Engineering aims to adopt: it is effective, convenient and clean; it is capable of recovering 100% of the EAF dust metal content into a Ferroalloy (eco-alloy) and into a highly concentrated Zinc Oxide powder, without generating any sort of pollutant.

AIT Europa Engineering & SynerCode Code of Ethics

SynerCode Code of Ethics

We work responsibly to maintain the company's sustainability values, as we believe that acting in a socially responsible manner means promoting respect for people and labor rights, ensuring safety for the workers, and safeguarding the environment.


To achieve that, we adhere to the ethical principles set out in the SynerCode Code of Conduct of  Synergie Group.